J’aime pas le 20 novembre

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Vendredi 20 NOVEMBRE


J’aime pas la nuit, j’aime pas la techno et j’aime pas…

Live !! GESTE


23h >…h

* GESTE: Electric/Electro

Signed to Berlin’s Equinox Records Geste’s IDM  electronica compositions may not sound connected to Punk Hardcore, Pop, Jazz, Classical, or any other genre of music. Nonetheless, he’s a  typical musical journey, from the darkest black metal of his early years to the glitchest electronic music he now composes..
His work as Geste was yet another way to explore new soundscapes. His curiosity made him try computer generated music and naturally led to a completely unique sound and approach. What started as an improvised “game” became a strong and powerful mixture of sound layers of many origins.

* La Stereonucleose Electronica / Techno / Minimalist

Stereonucleose is a electronic music duo, who produce, perform live, but mostly dj. They are based in Berlin and are about to release on a 12″ record of the new austrian label Confortzone. Previously Marine was working on her Mixher and Kritzkom projects, and Miruna at the Hector and Borusiade projects. Two years ago, in Bucharest, they decided to collaborate and they gave birth to Stereonucleose.

The name is a painfull memory of Miruna since she was a teenager and caught the Mononucleosis. To avoid medical names and low quality mono sound, the two members decided to change the illness into a band called Stereonucleosis. They dj as well, many kinds of electronic music from minimal sounds to queer electro.

* Mr RORO Electronica / Techno / Minimalist

Mr.RORO explore toutes les influences électroniques pour distiller des sets deep et hypnotiques. Prêt à mixer la minimale allemande avec la tech-house chicagoanne, ils ressortent aussi les oldies des années 90 pour s’assurer que la bonne humeur soit au rendez-vous. Tubes festifs, productions underground énervées, bootlegs en provenance d’internet, intermèdes rock ou downtempo : tout y passe !…


22h-4h30 a L’Edelweiss
5euros a partir de 00h
Görlitzer Straße 13,
Kreuzberg 10997
U1 Gorlitzer Bahnof

Vous remerciant par avance de votre attention,
RAFI /+49 176 78 209565


J’aime Pas Mr RORO

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Le 13 Novembre Mr.RORO sera au farbfernseher, skalitzer str. 114 (near u-bahn goerlitzer bahnhof)